About Me

Ivana: eye-von-uh
Pronouns: she/her

I was several years into my IT consulting career when I moved to Europe, was promoted to manager, and was well on my way to visiting all seven continents. I had so much of what I thought I wanted, and yet, I came home from work feeling unfulfilled, unmotivated, and ultimately, stuck. It was time to make a move, but I didn’t know what. And more importantly, I didn’t know how.

I had become so consumed with climbing the corporate ladder that I had never really considered if the ladder was against the right wall. It wasn’t until I took control and challenged myself to take a risk that I could move towards the freedom and flexibility that I desired – and frankly, deserved.

As a coach, I help you visualize your future based on your deepest desires, then support you as you pursue it. I traded in my 9-5 for a greater sense of purpose and I am committed to empowering my clients to lead more passion-driven lives too.

During my time in corporate, I learned a great deal about transitions and pursuing both a career and a life that is meaningful and makes the best use of my skills, talents, passions, and interests. Even as I changed roles, teams, and continents, helping others become the best version of themselves always energized me. 

If you’re interested in creating new possibilities for yourself, let’s chat.