Coaching Programs

Every coaching relationship begins with a discovery call. We will use this time to see if you and I are the right fit and to determine the best program for your needs.

Design the Change

Energy Leadership

The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) is an attitudinal assessment (and a Forbes Top 10 assessment for leaders) that uncovers how you are currently approaching work and life — under both optimal and stressful conditions.

We can use the awareness and insights acquired to make a plan to limit undue stress, adjust your priorities in support of your goals, and transform your worldview.

  • Energy Leadership Assessment
  • 60-min Debrief
  • Investment: $250

Jumpstart the Change

1 Month

Support and partnership during quick transitions, strategic short-term goal setting, jumpstarting a significant life change. Together, we will develop a vision for what you want and establish a strategy to achieve it.

  • Energy Leadership Assessment + 60-min Debrief
  • Two (2) 50-min Coaching Sessions
  • Email support between sessions
  • Investment: $525

Sustain the Change

3 Months

Looking to accelerate a life project dramatically— encompassing multiple aspects (personal, professional, physical, emotional, etc). Powerful long and short-term goal-setting along with time to implement strategy between sessions. This program allows us the opportunity to not only design your vision but also to make adjustments as you gain further insights.

  • Nine (9) 50-min Coaching Sessions
  • Core Values Exercise
  • Email support between sessions
  • Access to a la carte sessions
  • Investment: $1500 (monthly payment plan available)
    • **Add-on: One (1) ELI Assessment + 60-min debrief session during the first 30 days of enrollment for $150