Ivana, a Black woman, is smiling and looking to the right of the camera while she rests her chin on her fist.

Hi, I'm Ivana!

Former Big 4 consultant turned…

My Story

You know, I used to be knee-deep in the consulting world, climbing that corporate ladder, ticking off continents like a pro traveler. On paper, it was the dream. But in reality, I came home every day feeling like something was missing – unfulfilled, stuck, totally over it.

Then one day it hit me: whose ladder was I even climbing? It was time for a radical shift, but I had no clue where to start or how to do it.

Fast forward to today, and here I am, living my dream in the vibrant heart of Mexico City. So how’d I get here? By turning inward, embracing change, and saying adiós to other people’s ideas of who I should be.

Now, as your coach, I get to partner with you to do the same. 

Cheering you on as you chase those big dreams you might not have even told anyone about yet. Helping you craft a life that isn’t just good on paper. You’re not alone on this journey, and trust me…

The view from the top of your personal ladder is worth every step.

A full body shot of Ivana, a Black woman, walking toward the camera with her head tilted back as if she's mid-laugh. She's wearing a chambray shirt and black pants with tears at the knees.

How I Work

My Guiding Principles


I believe in the freedom to be exactly who you want to be, unapologetically. To liberate yourself from societal expectations is a courageous act and pivotal to dismantling systems of oppression.


Forging deep, meaningful connections—first with yourself and then with others—forms the foundation of a fulfilling life.


Authenticity is my compass. When you embrace your true identity and own your narrative, you radiate confidence, attract kindred spirits, and inspire others to do the same.

Whether you are feeling just a little bit stuck in your current position or know that you need to make a completely radical change in your life, it’s crucial to stay connected to your values. I can help you identify what those values are and how you can bring your life into alignment.

Take the first step to turn your "I shoulds" into "I wills"

Have you found yourself thinking about all the things that you should do to lead a happier and more fulfilled life? Maybe you just haven’t had the opportunity to meaningfully think through what it would take to make them happen. With me as your coach, I can help you create a roadmap to finally start making your dreams your reality.

Do you want to create new possibilities for yourself?

Your dreams, your desires, your rules – let’s make your story the one you’ve always wanted to tell.

Ivana, a Black woman, is shrugging on a light-wash denim jacket over her white t-shirt. She's smiling wide and looking to the left of the viewer.