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Asking yourself, “how do I want to feel and what do I need to make that happen?” is difficult enough. Thankfully, you don’t have to do the work on your own. Let me help you.

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    A life and leadership coach is a professional who partners with individuals to achieve personal and professional goals. As a coach, I provide guidance, support, and strategies to help you clarify your objectives, overcome obstacles, improve decision-making, and create a roadmap for success.

    These roles may occasionally overlap, but the relationships differ greatly. Which type of support would serve you best depends on your needs and goals. 

    A coach is an expert on a thought-provoking process to help people find the resources within themselves to make decisions and take action in areas like personal development, career, relationships, etc. 

    A therapist is a licensed health professional who aims to resolve emotional, psychological, or behavioral issues. Their focus tends to be on the past vs. the future.

    A mentor is a more experienced person who provides career guidance in the form of their knowledge and experience. 

    A consultant is an industry expert hired to provide solutions to clients’ challenges.

    This is a 60-minute coaching session designed to help you reframe your situation with a fresh perspective and create options to move forward.

    Prior to our intro session, you will complete a short questionnaire to get you thinking (and I will review it), so we are able to make the best use of our time. 

    By the end, we will identify a coaching goal that we can work toward if you choose to move forward with a coaching program.

    An intro session is a one-time investment of $395 USD. One-on-one coaching with me starts at $2550 USD.

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