Ivana, a Black woman, is standing and facing to the right of the camera. Her hands are held out in front of her and she is in the middle of speaking with a smile on her face.

I empower women to embrace rule-free, 10/10 living.

I’m available for captivating keynote speeches, engaging workshops, candid media interviews, and spokesperson gigs. Known for my sharp insight and unvarnished truths, I have a knack for tickling funny bones, making me a hit with audiences around the globe.

"Just because those are valid reasons, didn't mean they had to be mine. And I was done setting the bar at 'just ok.' Traveling to the ends of the earth brought me so much unfiltered joy because I was living life on my terms and not centering the expectations of those around me. And I want that for you too."

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A Bit About Me

Ivana Robinson is a certified Life & Leadership Coach and reformed corporate ladder climber who helps women disillusioned with the status quo to abandon the rulebook, liberate themselves from expectations, and prioritize their desires without guilt.

Through her email list and social media accounts, Ivana serves thousands of people per week, encouraging her audience to feel the fear and do the damn thing anyway. Ivana’s inspiring & rebellious journey helps audiences realize that bravery and confidence are already inside of them.

Ivana’s favorite form of self-care is saying no, but two things she’ll never turn down: an afternoon nap or a Beyoncé concert.

Ivana, a Black woman, is shrugging on a light-wash denim jacket over her white t-shirt. She's smiling wide and looking to the left of the viewer.

Signature Talks

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Years ago, I took a cruise to Antarctica. Standing on the deck of the ship, staring out at the gorgeous scenery ahead, I had an epiphany—I deserved to have days like this every day. And that was possible if I stopped living my life according to everyone else’s standards instead of my own.

In this presentation, audiences will learn they don’t need to go all the way to Antarctica to prioritize their wants, and identify and ask for what they need (unless they want to, of course.) This is a call to action for audiences to own the joy that they deserve and not just save the good stuff for vacation.

Did you know that 1 in 3 people would avoid change if they could?

In this presentation, audiences will learn the essential role transition plays in our self-discovery, how to thrive in the midst of uncertainty, and continue moving forward despite the fear. This exciting talk will mobilize audiences to face the unknown head-on and embrace the possibilities of what’s to come.

According to Gallup, 85% of people are unhappy with their job.

In this thought-provoking presentation, audiences will learn how to define success on their own terms and make decisions driven by purpose rather than panic, encouraging audiences to reframe the role that work plays in their lives so they can stop dreading Monday mornings.


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