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One Step to a 10/10 Day Challenge

May 7-9, 2024

Stop saving the good stuff for vacation! Make every day a 10 out of 10!

Join this 3-day challenge to learn simple strategies to elevate your daily life in a way that ignites you.

Instead of setting aside 2 hours for the morning rituals evangelized by the IG gurus, with the 10/10 principles you’ll be able to find the small moments of “control” throughout your day. Yes, even if you have screaming kids.

The Challenge Breakdown

Every day we’ll meet on Zoom in a private, group coaching session with me, your 10/10 day guide.

Sign up for the challenge for quick videos and daily prompts to learn simple, actionable strategies to be energized, nourished, and excited for what’s to come EVERY day (not just the “perfect” ones).

Day 1 — Illustrate

Define your 10

Discover what your ideal 10/10 day looks like and pinpoint one aspect we’ll focus on during the challenge.

Day 2 — Illuminate

Identify Roadblocks

Uncover what’s preventing you from experiencing your best days and gain clarity on overcoming obstacles.

Day 3 — Inspire

Take Action Together

Commit to one actionable step towards achieving your attainable dream day, with personalized guidance and support.

Mark your calendars for May 7-9, 2024
8:30-9:00pm Eastern Time

Ever started your day with a million “have to do’s”? Well, I’m not a magician; I can’t wave away your responsibilities with a magic wand. But with the 10/10 Day Principles you can put your power back in the everyday moments.


Everyone who attends the live class all three days gets a chance to win a FREE Ivana Live Out Loud intensive session with me!
This shit is important, show up live.

Dreading Monday mornings? That’s because you’re giving more energy to the ugh stuff instead of the good stuff. I’m not gonna tell you that everything is unicorns and rainbows, but there is sunshine. Sometimes you just need to know where to look for it. With the 10/10 principles you’ll learn how to find your spots of sunshine wherever you are.

What Do I Get?

Investment: $97

Think a 10/10 day is total freedom to do whatever the F— you want, but you have a 9-5 so it’s impossible? With the 10/10 Day Principles you’ll find your pockets of freedom in your life.

Get ready to have more 10/10 days than ever before!

Let’s take this time together to first figure out what a 10/10 day is for you, what is stopping you from having more in your life right now, and put down the first action step to having more dream days!

Frequently Asked Questions

The One Step to a 10/10 Day Challenge is a 3-day journey designed to help you unlock the secrets to your best days yet. Each day, you’ll receive a video and prompts via email, guiding you through the process of defining elements of your ideal day, identifying obstacles, and taking actionable steps towards achieving it. Additionally, you’ll have access to group coaching sessions where we’ll dive deeper into your progress and I’ll provide personalized support.

That’s ok. We’re all playing the juggling game. I get that. In addition to the email you’ll receive with the daily prompts, you’ll be able to access the replay of each live session for 7 days afterwards. 

I’m designing this to be just as effective on replay as it is if you attended live. But, FYI, you won’t be in the draw for winning the free Ivana Live Out Loud intensive with me.

Well, first, go read what I said about the replay, you’re gonna get a ton out of this even if you can’t come live. You’ll have full access for 7 days, so you can engage with the material at your own pace, fitting it into your schedule whenever it’s most convenient for you.

Now, let me be frank. I understand that life can get hectic and sometimes we just gotta deal. But if being ‘too busy’ is a constant pattern, it’s worth reflecting on priorities. Investing in yourself pays dividends. 

The investment for the challenge is $97. This fee covers all three days of the challenge, including access to daily prompts, live group coaching sessions, and the opportunity to win a free intensive 1:1 coaching session.